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Stream 1: 1994 - Training on Waste Monitoring and Control

The first ever training session was conducted on solid waste issues for 150 CUN states, LGA Co-ordinators and programme officers nationwide in Lagos.

Stream II – 1994 - Training

The second training session on responsible waste management and control was conducted for all States Environmental Commissioners, Directors, MDA’s in Collaboration with the Federal Environmental protection Agency (FEPA) in 1994.

1994 - Publication of Hand Book On Integrated Waste Management System In Nigeria

We developed and published a handbook on the “The place of individuals in integrated waste Management system in Nigeria and distributed free copies to environmental stakeholders, schools and the academia etc.

1993 - National Clean Ride’ 94

The Founder Prince Owoh together with 20 of his friends at home and in the diaspora in November – December, 1993 carried out the first nationwide motorbike clean-up campaign drive to all 36 States and FCT of the country to draw attention to the menace of waste in Nigeria and what can be done in tagged “Clean Ride 93”.

1995 - Use of Litter Bins In All Commercial Vehicles In Lagos State

As an in-road towards addressing litter control and prevention measures, we introduced the use of “CUN” branded litter baskets in commercial vehicles in Lagos State in Collaboration with the Lagos State Environmental Sanitation Taskforce and the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) Lagos State Chapter. The project recorded huge successes as it provided an excellent awareness and sensitization campaign to awaken the people’s conscientiousness to litter control and prevention measures being a miniature aspect of waste management system.

1995 - Private Sector Participation In Waste Management Phase 1

We pioneered the first public private sector participation on waste management in partnership with Lagos State government to put waste in place by bringing the private sector to participate in the management of waste in the state which was here thereto an exclusive affair of government at all levels nationwide. This scheme became imperative as governments nationwide could no longer cope with the management of waste in the country, thus the need for the privatization of waste management services in Nigeria.

1997-2002 Phase II – Litter Control And Preventions Method

In 1997, we entered the second phase of the use of litter baskets in all Commercial Vehicles nationwide, under a tripartite collaboration with the Nigerian Labour congress (NLC), National Union of road transport workers (NURTW) and Clean-Up Nigeria (CUN), A project which saw the distribution and use of over twelve million customized CUN Litters basket with awareness stickers at subsidized rates to Commercial Motorist nationwide over the programme life –Span (1997 – 2002). We distributed and monitored the use of the over 12 million litter bins nationwide.

1997 – 1999 Waste In Place Phase II

In continuation of our waste in place programme aimed at checkmating indiscriminate waste disposal, Lagos State Government endorsed the use of our subsidized customized disposal bags and waste bins for all households to help pre-pack and ensure safe disposal of waste in the state.

1997 Establishment of Clean-Up Clubs In Schools In Collaboration With UNICEF, Nigeria

In making a major in-road to catch them young, we pioneered the establishment of Clean-Up Clubs in twenty (20) Primary and Secondary Schools in Lagos with partnership support from United Nations Children funds (UNICEF). King and Queens Colleges were among the pioneering schools that Clean-up club were inaugurated in 1998 – 2000. Additional 1200 Clean-up clubs were inaugurated with a nationwide coverage to all the six geo-political zones of the country which had far reaching benefits to both the students, their families, the schools and the general environment.

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